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WEWASC Committees

The Club
Communication Committee

Like it has been proposed by Lena Stangvik at the membership meeting 2004 and  was approved by the members, we have created a "Communication Committee".

The representatives are:

The Netherlands: -
Sweden: -
Germany: -
Denmark: Camilla Runchel - email
Switzerland: Raphaelle Hischier - email
Austria: -

The representatives will be responsible for translations of the club stuff for the members in their country who have problems to understand. They will also have WEWASC Flyers available. If you are a WEWASC member who does not speak German or English very well, contact "your" representative for help!

EM Committee - WEWASC Committee for organizing a European Australian Shepherd Championship

Current members of the committee are:

Raphaelle Hischier, Switzerland
Susanne Schwarzmann, Austria
Kay Pieper, Germany
Natascha Hartmann, Germany
Sandra Zilch, Germany

Farm Trial Committee / Working Dog Inspection

The Farmtrial Committee was established at the membership meeting 2007.
The committee's task is to work out rules and all related things (forms ...) for the WEWASC e.V. Farm Trial Program.
The committee is also responsible for the WEWASC Working Dog Inspection. In this case please contact Juliane Weiel!

Current members of the committee are:

Kay Pieper, Germany(Chair) , email
Carmen Czieszo, Germany
Cordula Happe-Neubert , Germany
Juliane Weiel, Germany, email bzgl. WDI
Raphaelle Hischier, Switzerland

Performance Committee

The Performance Committee was established at the membership meeting 2009.
The committee's task is to word the regulations for putting studdogs, litters and litter announcements on the WEWASC e.V. website.

Current members of the committee are:

Natascha Hartmann, Germany(Chair) , email
Ira Schlaghecken, Germany
Cordula Happe-Neubert, Germany
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