Club Objectives - Western Europe Working Australian Shepherd Club e.V.

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Club Objectives

The Club

From the WEWASC e.V. Bylaws:

Section 1.4. Objectives. The objectives of the Club are:
1.4.1. To encourage and promote the breeding of purebred Australian Shepherds in such a manner as to bring their natural qualities as working stockdogs to the highest degree attainable. It shall strive to educate and assist all owners of the breed to improve their knowledge of the breed and it’s history.
1.4.2. To protect and advance the interest of the Australian Shepherd breed and to encourage ethical breeding practices and sportsmanlike competition at all dog shows and trials.
1.4.3. To primarily conduct Stockdog Trials.
1.4.4 To encourage all breeders to accept the breed standard adopted by ASCA as the only standard of excellence by which the breed shall be judged.
1.4.5. To preserve, foster and promote the natural working and herding instinct of the Australian Shepherd through activities and actions sponsored by the WEWASC and its members. The club takes care of the animals rights by taking care of the proper keeping and handling of working stockdogs. Through proper training and handling techniques, stress and damage to herding animals will be avoided. Through proper training and handling, the dog can be an important safety factor when handling livestock.
1.4.6. To encourage and enforce an appropriate care for all animals according to their species by the members. To encourage the training of the working stockdog as the basis of appropriate handling and care for the animals that are herded.
1.4.7. The club has an animal rights agent, who will be elected by the WEWASC board and who will be active on the boards mandate.

WEWASC e.V. (Western Europe Working Australian Shepherd e.V.) is a european club, incorporated in Aschaffenburg, Germany. WEWASC e.V. is a ASCA inc. (Australian Shepherd of America inc.) affiliated club.

Each person who is seriously interested in the Australian Shepherd´s abilities he needs to be a useful working stockdog and each person who wants to keep the Australian Shepherd a working stockdog first and foremost, is more than welcome to join our club.

You will find the membership application on the website. If you look at Trials or Clinics, you can find out about our activities throughout europe. If you go to Training you will find a list of places that offer stockdog training (not WEWASC e.V. certified). The board members will answer your questions. We have a site where you can advertise studdogs and litters, but please note the rules and regulations for it.

Why joining WEWASC e.V.?
Maybe you ask yourself: what do I get when joining WEWASC e.V.?

The Australian Shepherd breed standard says :“ (...) The Australian Shepherd is intelligent, primarily a working dog of strong herding and guardian instincts. (...)“

But this does not happen all by itself..

First intention of WEWASC e.V. is, to promote and improve the working skills of the breed, through:

  1. maintaining ability, performance and health that are needed when breeding
  3. the competent training of dogs and handlers
One  important reason to join our club is, that we can help to find the right dog for your needs and to use him sucessfully on your stock.

Herding dogs can have a very different behaviour than other breeds. If you never had an Aussie before you might have trouble to understand the complex personality of these dogs.
In the WEWASC e.V. you will find people who work on a regular basis with their dogs and who can help you to evaluate your dog.
Since the Working Aussies´ genepool is very limited and only very few good studdogs are available, its extremely important, to know the ability and talents of each possible studdog. This helps breeders in their decisions to use the one or other dog, when they are obliged to maintain the working aussie´s skills. And it also helps you to find the right working partner for yourself.
WEWASC e.V.´s different programs to evaluate performance promote the development of the working potential:
since WEWASC e.V. is an ASCA inc. affiliate club, there are offered various ASCA Stockdog Trials throughout Europe.

One of the best aspects to join WEWASC e.V. is that you will make friendships with people who have the same interests and who also enjoy the work with their dogs.

Don´t ask: What can the club do for me?
Better ask: how can I participate in a community with the same interest than I have?

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