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English books
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de Jong, Anneke
WALK UP, Herding with a loose eyed breed
Fogt, Bruce (1996)
Lessons From A Stockdog. A Training Guide

Hartnagle-Taylor, Jeanne Joy
Stockdog Savvy
Holland, Vergil S. (1994)
Herding Dogs. Progressive Training

Holmes, John (1960)
The Farmer´s Dog
Jones, H. Glyn (talks to Barbara C. Collins)
A Way of Life. Sheepdog Training, Handling and Trialling
Old Pond Publishing. 2002.
(ISBN 1-903366-27-5)
Quarton, Marjorie
The Working Border Collie

Lithgow, Scott (1987
Training And Working Dogs. For Quiet Confident Control Of Stock
Scrimgeour, Derek
Talking Sheepdog

Simpson, Julie (2003)
The Natural Way
WSN, York.
Smith, Burt
Moving Em - A guide to low stress animal handling

German books
AuthorTitleorder information
Chifflard, Hans & Herbert Sehner (1996, 2004)
Ausbildung von Hütehunden
Ulmer Verlag
Scrimgeour, Derek
Modernes Border Collie Training. Die neue, aufregende Art, Arbeitscollies zu trainieren
Piepenbrock Verlag
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