Boardelection 2019 - Western Europe Working Australian Shepherd Club e.V.

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Boardelection 2019

The Club
2019 is election year

This year, the election of the WEWASC e.V. Board will take place on the occasion of the Annual General Meeting on November 30th in Hösbach.

The election committee was appointed on May 22, 2019:

Alexandra Büttner (as chairman)
Roland Hofeneder
Susanne Schwarzmann

We would like to ask the candidates to submit their applications for the Board mandates of WEWASC e.V. up to and including 30.07. 2019 to the electoral committee.
Please send applications for a position to Alexandra Büttner: E-Mail

Already in the last years it was possible, that each member could be proposed by the proposal of other members for the candidature of a board mandate.
Here is also the deadline until 30.07.2019
Please send nominations to Alexandra Büttner: E-Mail
Candidates for the WEWASC e.V. Boardelection 2019
Sandra Zilch
I am an WEWASC e.V. member since 2003, ASCA inc. member since 1999. My first position in this club has been Vice President. Since then I have served as President. Together with my husband Lorenz, I run a farm in Germany with Charolais cow/calf operation, sheep, horse boarding and training and dog training and breeding under the name „S Bar L“. I have been a member of ASCA´s Stockdog Committee and the DNA Committee.
I am an ASCA Stockdog Judge since 2018.
Should anyone of you have some questions, please feel free to contact me:  or +49 6021 69689 or +49 160 6116532.

Vice President:
Susanne Schwarzmann

My friend, Roland and I live in Austria to be exact in the south of NÖ.
We have been working intensely with dogs since 1996 and since a short time our dream of our own
flock of sheep comes true.
Currently we have seven Australian Shepherds and one poodle. Besides our sporting ambitions we
have been based a small Australian Shepherd breeding in Austria.
We work with our dogs in the areas, Agility, Herding and Obedience. You can find us on various trials
and agility competitions in whole Europe at regular intervals. Besides our starts on all this
competition we visit regularly herding and agility seminars at home and abroad. We organize
herding seminar at regular intervals and we will try to get further seminars on our place with wellknown

Affiliate Representative:
Kay Pieper
My name is Kay Pieper. I apply for the job of an Affiliate Representative in the WEWASC board.

I live and work as a Veterinarian in the countryside near Cologne, Germany. Dogs are an important part of my live since I was a little boy. Working stock with my dogs gives me one of the most fascinating experiences of cooperation humans can have with animals.

I am a member of WEWASC and ASCA for 15 years now, because there our working Aussies are supported best.

In my opinion, trials and other Aussie herding events are important to strengthen the working abilities of our breed. I work in the WEWASC Farmtrialcomitee since its beginning, to make Aussie trials attractive for all Aussie herding enthusiasts.

With my participation on the WEWASC board I want to help, giving our working dogs a better standing in Europe. Furthermore my interest, mainly jobwise, is to work for the preservation and consolidation of our breeds health.

Nicole Linnemann
Hiermit möchte ich, Nicole Linnemann, mich um den Posten des Treasurers bewerben.
Mein Mann Burkhard und ich leben mit unseren 6 Aussies auf  unserem landwirtschaftlich geführten Betrieb am Rande des Harzes im  schönen Niedersachsen. Neben unseren Aussies leben hier noch einige  Pferde, Katzen, Enten, Gänse, Hühner und nicht zu vergessen unsere  Schafe, natürlich wird auch noch etwas Ackerbau von ca. 90 ha betrieben.
2004 begann mit unserer Cookie die Aussiesucht und das  Interesse an der Arbeit am Vieh. Die ersten Hüteseminare ließen nicht  lange auf sich warten und ziemlich schnell war klar wir möchten uns  intensiver mit dieser Rasse und ihrem Ursprung befassen. Das Arbeiten  mit den Hunden am Vieh ist für mich immer wieder ein faszinierendes  Gefühl, darum hielten dann 2007 die ersten eigenen Schafe Einzug und  auch unser Luke wurde geboren. Dem folgten der Eintritt in den WEWASC,  erste Trialteilnahmen, weitere Seminare bei unterschiedlichen Trainern  und unsere ersten Welpen wurden unter dem Kennelnamen Topinambur Aussies  geboren.
Durch die Mitarbeit im WEWASC möchte ich meinen Beitrag  leisten, um den Australian Shepherd in seinem Ursprung, der Arbeit am  Vieh, zu erhalten und fördern.

Nicole Knor
My name is Nicole Knor and herewith I am applying as Secretary for the WEWASC e.V.
My husband and I have run a craft business for 25 years. Since then, office work and bookkeeping have been part of my everyday work.

Since my childhood, dogs have accompanied me through my life. By Western riding I came in the mid-90s on the Australian Shepherd and was very impressed by this breed. In 2006, the first Australian Shepherd moved in with us, and with him and through him, I also made the first contacts to herding events and Trials.
Shortly thereafter, I imported another Aussie from the US and then attended regular classes and seminars.

The first sheep were not long in coming. Meanwhile, we have a herd size of nearly 50 animals and our dogs work them daily. Throughout the years, a training area with various requirements has emerged, so that we can offer herding clinics even twice a year with professional trainers in our place.

In 2008 I joined the WEWASC and I am also a full member of the ASCA.

With the third Aussie, I started to run trials and meanwhile organized a farmtrial myself, which I would like to continue.

Through my participation in the WEWASC I would like to actively support the association in preserving and promoting the Australian Shepherd as a working dog.
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