Blooddraw 2019 - Western Europe Working Australian Shepherd Club e.V.

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Blooddraw 2019

On the occasion  of the Trials in Hösbach the WEWASC e.V. will be offering a blood test  for the members' dogs on 16.08.2019 during the trial.
Depending on the length of membership, we grant a discount of up to 65%.
The following can be tested:
  • DNA Certagen
  • As well as at Laboklin:
    • DNA Aussie Package: Collie Eye Anomalie* (CEA) (Partnerlabor), Degenerative Myelopathie (DM Exon2), Hereditäre Katarakt (HSF4), MDR1-Gendefekt (Ivermectin), Überempfindlichkeit), Maligne Hyperthermie (MH), Neuronale Ceroid Lipofuszinose (NCL), Progressive Retinaatrophie* (prcd-PRA) (Partnerlabor)
    • or 2 tests of your choice, except test by / at Optigen!
For registration and further questions please contact Natascha, E-Mail
Please register at least 10 days before blood collection!
Without prior registration NO BLOOD picking possible!
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