Australian Shepherd Stockdog European Open - Western Europe Working Australian Shepherd Club e.V.

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First Australian Shepherd Stockdog European Open 2019!

  • Because of the tight budget we need to raise the entry fee for the ASSEO to 80,00 €. Please note. The Premium will be available very soon.

  • Because of the number of avalable cattle, we ask you to note the following:

If there are more than 10 dogs qualified for cattle, some of the qualifying runs on cattle will be run on friday. This is because of the available groups of cattle (5).
The ASSEO committee will draw the runorder after end of entry.
The runorder will be sent to the contestants.

  • On January 15, 2019 we have sent ASSEO stickers to the european clubs. If you are intersted in a sticker, please contact:

France: Margarita Craig
Italy: Matteo Campedelli
The Netherlands: Anneke De Jong
Sweden: Mikael Hageus
Finland: Mira Laitila
Germany, Switzerland, Austria: Sandra Zilch

  • Since we got questions about which registration dogs need to have to be eligible for competing, here is the clarification: E, N, F, I.
Current members of the ASSEO Commitee are:

Raphaelle Hischier
Natascha Hartman
Susanne Schwarzmann
Kay Pieper
Sandra Zilch

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