AHBA - Western Europe Working Australian Shepherd Club e.V.

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Informations for WEWASC e.V.  AHBA Trials:

Entry Form:

The official AHBA entry form can be used to enter the AHBA Trials. Or the organizer makes his own, for his / her trial. Please check with the Premium/Flyer on the WEWASC page.

For the official AHBA registration form please note:
  1. WEWASC organizers do not take checks and of course it is not "payable in US funds".
  2. AHBA reg no (ie the dog's AHBA registration number) can be a number of the breed club to which the dog belongs. So, for example Aussies registered with ASCA simply enter the ASCA number here; if a dog has several numbers, choose one; An AHBA tracking number must be requested if the dog does not have a regsitration number..
  3. Do not forget to indicate the type of animal you want to start, depending on course what is offered in the respective Trials.

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